Exotic Side of Saint Lucia: ATV Paradise Tour
by / Thursday, 14 May 2015 / Published in Activities

When you think of a Caribbean vacation, you might imagine tranquil waters, a laidback pace, and sun-soaked relaxation. High-speed thrills are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But what if you could infuse a good, strong adrenaline rush into your otherwise serene island getaway? You’d get the best of both worlds – an exotic, off-road adventure in the most peaceful tropical surroundings.

With Saint Lucia’s ATV Paradise Tours, you can do exactly that. Spice up your Caribbean vacation with a two-to-three-hour guided ATV tour. Your ATV is your personal escort to vistas that just aren’t available on traditional sightseeing tours. Read on to find out why an ATV Paradise Tour is a must for your Saint Lucia vacation itinerary.

Feast Your Eyes upon Exotic Fruits

The ATV Paradise Tour takes place on a 1,000-acre private estate in Micoud that supplies local and regional sellers with exotic fruits. On the tour, you’ll see firsthand the harvest of fruits like mango, guava, passion fruit, wax apples, carambola, avocado, cashews, and many more. Of course, it would be downright cruel to tempt guests with such succulent treats without allowing them to partake. Don’t worry — all tour guests enjoy a generous sampling of the plantation’s fruit (straight off the tree!) and fresh juices.

Unbelievable Views

The great thing about ATVs is that they can access vantage points that would otherwise be impossible on foot or even by car. During the tour, you’ll be able to see the Atlantic and Fond Bay from the top of the plantation’s hill. At several points, you can see all the way across the tree-covered hillsides to Vieux Fort.

Of course, the plantation itself has plenty of unforgettable views, including the rainforest leg of the tour. You’ll drive through the tropical rain forest in its natural glory, gazing at flowers like the Bird of Paradise and Baliazier. After riding through the rainforest, you can stop and take a walk along the Fond River.

Saint Lucia has so much to see that to really see it all, you have to go off the beaten path…literally. The ATV Paradise Tour takes you places inaccessible to other visitors and makes for one very memorable and very delicious ride. So book your ATV Paradise Tour, directly through Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa, for the time of your life.



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