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Coconut Bay’s Wedding Q&A

You’re engaged and it’s time to start planning your dream wedding! We know you have so much to consider and there are so many details. If you’re thinking about a destination wedding or just curious Mia, Sarai and Onita are here to help. Our team members are experts, weddings are what they do, and they love it, planning celebrations that are unique to each of our Coconut Bay couples. Here are answers to a few of the questions we are asked most often and if there’s something else, you’d like to know please feel free to pop us an email at or give us a call at 877-252-0304, we’re happy to help.

Do any wedding packages accommodate larger weddings of 40+ guests?

Our Pearl Wedding Package is designed to include up to 40 guests including the Bride and Groom, and like our Gold, Diamond and Platinum packages can be tailored to accommodate your wedding party up to 80 guests. Each Coconut Bay wedding package is designed for a set number and if your party is larger, a nominal per person fee based on your package will apply for additional guests.

I just booked Coconut Bay as my venue, how soon until we begin the planning process?

Our professional team is available to you at any time during your planning process; however you will work with a pre-travel wedding planner starting approximately 90 days prior to the date of your wedding to begin confirming all ceremony and reception details. After that, approximately 45 days prior to your celebration date, your on-resort wedding coordinator will finalize your plans and work with you from your arrival on resort through your wedding day celebrations.

Do you offer an on-site wedding coordinator? Is that included in package pricing?

Yes, all of our wedding packages include the services of a professional Pre-Travel Event Planner, as well as an on-site Wedding Coordinator. You will begin working with our on-site Wedding Coordinator prior to your arrival to finalize details so you will already be familiar with them and your planning will be seamless.

What’s not included in packages that couples typically need to book or pay for on their own?

Live entertainment and additional hours for the DJ, photography and videography services, additional floral decorations or upgrades, and Sanctuary Spa salon services including hair and make-up are not included.

Does Coconut Bay have a list of preferred vendors, or will we have to find our own vendors?

Our wedding packages are comprehensive, most items required are included. If there are amenities and services you wish to add, we will provide recommendations for the best vendors on our island.

Are there any restrictions on reception decorations that we should know about?

We have an abundance of decorations and you are more than welcome to bring your own to personalize your special day. Do discuss the specifics with your wedding coordinator so they can assist you in personalizing the choices you’ve made and to ensure we comply with required resort safety and operational standards. We will also need advance notice to determine if any set-up or labor fees apply.

Are we restricted to specific design/color schemes for our wedding?

Coconut Bay’s talented team of decorators have an abundance of fabric colors and décor to choose from so your wedding day is fully customizable.

Will Coconut Bay provide signs to direct guests to our reception?

Signs aren’t necessary. Your wedding will be the only one on your special day and our two stunning oceanfront wedding venues are easy to find. Of course our staff are always ready to assist your guests with directions if needed.

What is your Free Honeymoon Registry and how do my fiancé and I sign up?

Your Honeymoon Registry gives your guests an opportunity to gift you everything from an island tour to a room upgrade and the funds are yours to utilize during your stay. You can set-up your free Honeymoon Registry by following the simple step-by-step instructions found on the Coconut Bay Honeymoon Registry page and share your registry wishes with all your friends and family anytime prior to your arrival date. We recommend setting up your registry 3-6 months prior to your dates of travel.
Honeymoon Registry

How far in advance can we reserve a date? Do we put a deposit down to reserve?

Your wedding date and time can be reserved up to 24-months in advance. Once your date is selected on our online wedding calendar. We will forward a wedding contract to complete and a non-refundable deposit of US$350 will be required.
Reserve the Date

Do you host more than one wedding on the same day? If so, how many other events will be booked for the same day as my wedding?

Yours will be the only wedding on your special day when you book our Gold, Diamond, Platinum, or Pearl Wedding Package.

Who is in charge of the wedding’s setup, breakdown, and cleaning?

Our Events Team takes care of absolutely everything from set-up to breakdown, and cleaning.

What is the backup plan for inclement weather?

Should the need arise we have two indoor event venues, one accommodating up to 60 guests and the other up to 100 guests. Your wedding coordinator will advise and be with you every step of the way if your event needs to move indoors due to weather conditions. Of course every detail will be impeccably arranged.

Is the rehearsal dinner included in the package pricing?

Our Pearl Wedding package includes a Rehearsal Dinner, but if you select another one of our packages, a Rehearsal Dinner can be added as a private event for a nominal per person fee.

What options are available for wedding reception menus?

Wedding menus vary by wedding package and our wedding planners will be happy to provide all details about your choices including menu selections for your guests.

Do you provide menu substitutions for guests with dietary restrictions?

At Coconut Bay our menus include vegan dishes and selections for dietary preferences and food sensitivities including gluten- and sugar-free. Your Wedding Planner will work with you to address your guests’ needs.