5 Tips for Kitesurfing Beginners
by / Monday, 03 November 2014 / Published in kitesurfing

Kite surf jumpIf you’d love to get out there in the surf, feel the wind in your hair and let the great outdoors make you come alive, you’ll love kite surfing in St. Lucia! When you visit Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa, you’ll find this amazing water sport to be one of the most invigorating ways to spend your day at the beach. Among our most popular “menu” offerings, kite surfing is an activity that’s available either as a free introductory session, for those who would like to sample the sport, or as part of our Surf and Stay packages, for the guest who is a bit more serious about learning how to kite surf. Our packages include lessons throughout your stay, along with all the other amenities that will make your kitesurfing trip enjoyable.

St. Lucia Kite Surfing Basics

Kitesurfing, also called kiteboarding, is a sport that’s suitable for anyone over the age of 10. It’s also an activity that anyone can learn, regardless of fitness level. If you can get around on your own, you can learn how to kite surf. Here are a few helpful tips that can make kite surfing in St. Lucia – or anywhere else – safe and fun for beginners.

1. Don’t try to teach yourself. Work with a skilled instructor.

To learn the sport, you’ll need an experienced kite surfing instructor who can demonstrate proper technique and help you understand all the other factors that relate to the activity.

Key factors include …

  • Correct size and type of kite for you
  • Proper kite setup and prep
  • Safety regulations on the water and off
  • How the wind and weather impact kite surfing
  • The parts and principles of the Wind Window
  • Proper kite launch, flying and landing techniques

2. Pay attention to kite surfing theory.

This explanation of basic kite behavior will help you stay out of trouble out there. So, listen  closely!

3. Get enough practice before heading out.

Don’t be too anxious to get out on the water. Your instructor will know when you’re ready. Before your St. Lucia kite surfing adventure can begin, you’ll need to make sure you can handle your kite.

4. Don’t venture any farther from shore than you can handle swimming back in from.

Stay even closer than that at first, just to make sure that all goes well.

5. Be patient! It takes time to learn how to kite surf proficiently.

You won’t become a kite surfing expert overnight, but you will develop basic proficiency a lot faster if you conscientiously practice the techniques as you learn them. Contact us to learn more about St. Lucia kitesurfing at Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa.



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