Come Kitesurf at Coconut Bay This Winter Season
by / Monday, 27 November 2017 / Published in Activities, kitesurfing
Come Kitesurf at Coconut Bay This Winter Season

Some people celebrate the holidays with snowfalls and indoor activities, but the team at Coconut Bay celebrates with kitesurfing! In Saint Lucia, the holidays typically signal the start of Kitesurfing season, where locals and visitors alike can catch some air and try their hand at flying over the waves.

What Is Kitesurfing?

Sometimes called skyboarding, kitesurfing involves holding onto a large, steerable kite while gliding across the water on a board. While most beginners focus on maintaining their balance and learning how to move the kite, advanced kitesurfers can pull a variety of jumps, tricks, flips, and spins and soar through the air effortlessly.

The official kitesurfing season kicks off in November on IN Saint Lucia and runs through July. During this time, the northeast Atlantic winds make excellent waves and provide enough of a breeze to lift kitesurfers into the air. On a good day, winds will hover between 15-25 knots, and guests can enjoy the pull of the wind but not feel overwhelmed.

Who Can Take Kitesurfing Classes?

Guests over the age of eight will receive a complimentary kitesurfing “taster,” where families can see what kitesurfing is like on a safe trainer kite on the beach. If it seems like a fun activity, guests over 16 can sign up for classes taught by a certified trainer.

Once you’ve completed your class with a certified trainer, you can rent equipment by the hour or the day, spending your vacation flying through the waves and enjoying the spectacular wind.

Where Can You Kitesurf at Coconut Bay?

Our recently revamped water sports center has high-quality kites and some of the best water equipment on the island, allowing guests to master the art of kitesurfing with the best tools for learners.

If you know you want to try windsurfing, then the easiest way to schedule time is by making reservations over the phone before arriving, or by booking an appointment on arrival through the Adventure Saint Lucia Desk in the lobby.

Other Watersports

If you’re interested in other watersports, stop by the Watersports Hut, where you can use kayaks, paddleboards and snorkeling gear at no extra charge. Our instructors can teach you how to use the equipment and provide advice for the best areas to explore.

Some people want to relax on the beach when they take their vacations, but others crave adventure. If you’re in the latter group, sign up for a kitesurfing class with your booking and enjoy one of the best wind-sport facilities in the Caribbean!



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