Experience Sea Turtles Hatchings in Saint Lucia
by / Friday, 04 March 2016 / Published in Activities, General

Among the treasures Saint Lucia has to offer is the hatching season of our island’s beloved sea turtles. The hatching season is a wonder for our guests to behold, especially since these fascinating creatures face the threat of extinction. Coconut Bay has incorporated the turtles into our SCOUTS and Kidz Klub programs. We welcome our guests of all ages to share in this joyous experience with us.

Kidz Klub Beach Hike and Turtle Watch

Every Sunday at 10 AM, our Kidz Klub — along with guests of any age who’d like to join — takes a hike on the beach to watch for sea turtles. In March through November, Saint Lucia’s shores are hatching sites for three different species of sea turtles, so our hike often results in front-row seats to those hatchings.

Our Kidz Klub developed a program called SCOUTS — which stands for Seeing, Crafting, Observing, Understanding, Tasting, Saint Lucia — that educates our young guests on identifying nests and different species. Our young guests frequently get to witness the hatching of the baby turtles and their inspiring journey back to the ocean.

Dos and Don’ts for Hatching Season

Our staff, in addition to educating guests on the nesting and hatching process, also monitors and marks the turtles’ nests to keep them safe. Our staff supervises the hatching process and helps ensure that the hatchlings get to the ocean safely. If you see a nest or witness a hatching, here are a few tips on what to do and what not to do:

• Keep light to a minimum. Sea turtles trying to nest are often startled by light, which may disturb their nesting patterns. Flashes from cameras and phones can also blind the turtles temporarily, disorienting them and making them more vulnerable to prey.

• Call for help. If you encounter a sea turtle nest or a hatchling or even come across sea turtle tracks, make sure you call the Department of Fisheries immediately (468-4135). The staff can help keep the nest or hatchlings safe from poachers and prey and help them get back to the water safely.

• Don’t touch the turtles, nest, or eggs. The only time you should handle eggs is to save them from an emergency, such as being swept away in the ocean.

A sea-turtle hatching is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of event. We invite you to join us at Coconut Bay during this nesting season to witness this miracle.



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