Tips to Avoid Over-Packing
by / Sunday, 28 February 2016 / Published in General

A vacation in the Caribbean is a thrilling prospect, but packing for it is not quite as exciting! You want to make sure you have everything you’ll need, but without overdoing it. So how do you know exactly what to bring without weighing yourself down? We asked that very question to the people who know best — our Coconut Bay guests. Here are the tips and tricks our guests shared on Facebook on how to avoid over-packing for your next tropical vacation.

Organize with Travel Bags

Our Facebook friend, Shirley Cardinal, recommends visiting the travel section of a local store and buying clothing bags. She recommends buying four different sizes and packing them as follows:

1. Bathing suits and beach cover-ups
2. Evening/dinner wear
3. Socks and underwear
4. Shirts and tops

Shirley says using the bag system saves space in your suitcase and makes it easier to pack and unpack. No hassle and no over-packing!

Pack with the Beach and Fun in Mind

In her post, guest Rhondi Sheepwash encourages travelers to pack with fun in mind rather than stressing out. She reminds our future guests that they’ll probably be in their bathing suits most of the time and to “plan around that.” You’ll be soaking up a lot of sun, so she recommends light-colored tops and plenty of sunscreen.

To avoid over-packing, she points out that you probably won’t need more than one or two pairs of pants and shirts and maybe one light sweater for evenings. Just remember to also bring some slacks, skirts or sundresses as shorts are not permitted in our Silk and Calabash restaurants. Packing just the essentials in a larger suitcase will leave plenty of room for all the trinkets or duty free items you purchase to bring home!

Don’t Worry about Forgetting Something

Most of our guests who over-pack are overly concerned about forgetting something that they’ll end up needing. But, as our Facebook friend Alison Miron Rancourt points out, our gift shop is well-stocked with clothing and items from our vendors who come in to sell at the resort. As Alison puts it, “What you forget, you can purchase, including beautiful sun hats.” One thing you don’t want to forget, though, according to our friend Doug St. Pierre is a roll of bubble wrap to bring home your delicious Caribbean rum safely!

So when you pack for your Saint Lucia vacation, remember: don’t stress, keep it simple, and think of all the fun you’re going to have once you arrive.



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