Tastes of the Caribbean: Unique Rums of the Islands
by / Tuesday, 24 March 2015 / Published in Dining

National Rum Day is August 16, but you don’t need a holiday to celebrate this tasty beverage of the Caribbean. In the 17th century, Caribbean farmers were focused on producing sugar, but found they had a significant amount of molasses as a by-product. Combined with sugar cane juice, the sweet sticky concoction made the perfect base for distilling a liquor known today as rum. Taste your way through the islands with these famous Caribbean rums, all of which are available in abundance in Coconut Bay’s Peter John’s Rum Bar every night for sampling.

Saint Lucia

The Chairman’s Reserve Rum is a favorite flavor from Saint Lucia. With a rich blend of clove, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and allspice, this drink is as rich as a dessert. If you prefer a creamy beverage, indulge in the decadent flavors of Marigot Crème De Coconut or Marigot Crème De Banana. These island-inspired blends are rich and smooth.

Toz Gold Rum is another award-winner from the area. Produced in a small distillery, this complex rum features vanilla, sweet raisin, and rich nutty flavors. If you prefer a white rum, try the Toz White Gold Rum with a creamy citrus and vanilla flavor that’s ideal for daiquiris.


The Appleton Estate produces some of the best-known rums of Jamaica. With a 265 year history, it’s no wonder this rum is so expertly produced. The Appleton Estate Reserve Rum won the Chairman’s Trophy for Best Rum in the 2012 Spirits Challenge. This rum has a distinctive aroma of brown sugar, orange peel, and vanilla. Take a sip and enjoy the richness of toasted honey wheat bread with a long tangy finish.


In 1884, Danish seaman Valdemar Hanschell crafted Cockspur Rum. This smooth amber rum is a popular choice today with a buttery flavor and spicy oak finish. Turn this flavorful rum into a delicious Applejack by adding apple juice and a simple garnish of sliced apple and grated cinnamon.

Trinidad & Tobago

The Angostura 1919 Rum is an award-winning blend with a rich history. In 1932, a fire destroyed the Government Rum Bond. J. B. Fernandes later purchased the charred casks and discovered they were filled in 1919. This distinctive rum has a toasty flavor that pays homage to its original creation.


You can’t talk about Guyana rums without mentioning El Dorado. The 15 Year Old Special Reserve Rum is a regular award winner. This rum offers a tantalizing aroma of dark coffee, almonds, candied orange, pepper, vanilla, and dark chocolate. With a flavor that blends grilled tropical fruits and oaky spices, this rum is best enjoyed on the rocks.

Sample these rums and more at the incredibly all-inclusive Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa where our bars feature rums from around the Caribbean. Tell us your favorite Caribbean rum on Facebook and Twitter!



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