Traveling from a Kid’s Perspective
by / Friday, 06 May 2016 / Published in Activities, General

Sometimes a kid just wants to get away from it all! That’s why I couldn’t wait to visit Coconut Bay with my family. I dropped my parents off at the spa and finally got to rewind at CocoLand. Mom and dad were happy because the Kidz Klub staff gave them the option of a local phone in case they wanted to call and check on me throughout the day.

They Hooked Me at Orientation

My first stop was the Kidz Klub orientation where I learned about all the cool amenities and activities ahead of me. Every day we did something new, so I always checked in to see what was on the schedule. They even grouped me with other kids my age, which guaranteed I would make a ton of friends.

The counselors made sure I was prepared for my adventures ahead and gave me a coco-pack with a backpack, hat, t-shirt, and water bottle. Not only are the hats cool, they also make sure the adults can keep an eye on us.

There Was Adventure Around Every Corner

Even though I was at CocoLand on vacation, my day filled up fast! I had to sail the seven seas and plunder treasure on a Pirate Ship, and then scale the top of the rock wall to zip-line down. Don’t worry mom, these were all kid-safe and just my size.

After lunch, I set off to the Coco Corral — the Island’s only animal sanctuary. All of the animals are from Saint Lucia, and most of them are rescues. I was able to pet the donkeys and feed the ducks, but the horses were my favorite. And that’s not all! After the animal sanctuary, we spent the day at the Splash Waterpark, which is filled with waterslides and water fountain playground – talk about a fun day!

I Joined the Cocoland SCOUTS!

The SCOUTS program stands for Seeing, Crafting, Observing, Understanding, Tasting, Saint Lucia — and I did all of that! I learned that real pirates visited Saint Lucia once, and then we made our own tie-dye t-shirts and learned about when sea turtles lay eggs.

Everything I learned or made was added to my Cocoland scrapbook, and the counselors took a picture of me to add to the cover. Now when I return home I’ll remember everything I learned and the fun times on Saint Lucia.

Our Vacation Ended with a Pirate Party

The fun kept going even when the day ended. Mascots Coco and Loco joined our disco night, and I sang my heart out during the talent show. On my last night, there was a Pirate dinner, which I invited mom and dad to. After all, it’s not fair that I’m the only one who gets to be a buccaneer. I can’t wait for us to go back!



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