How to Vacation Like a VIP: Family Group Style
by / Thursday, 12 May 2016 / Published in Activities, Dining, General

Until now, you may not have always looked forward to getting together with a big group of family members. Of course, you love your family, but the settings and activities maybe leave something to be desired. Meeting in a cramped relative’s house or grilling at a public park isn’t always the most fun.

Well, it’s time to change that dull tradition. How about planning your next group family excursion to Saint Lucia? Coconut Bay is always happy to accommodate large family groups. We can arrange for private group tours, dining, and more. The key is to let us know as soon as you book your trip so we can get ready for you!

Family Group Tours

One of the reasons it’s important to let us know about your group size and plans as far in advance as possible is because all of our group tours have a minimum and maximum number of people. One of the biggest selling points of Coconut Bay is that we are located closest to the island’s top attractions. We are conveniently located nearest the airport on the exotic south coast of Saint Lucia, giving our guests easy access to treasures like the Pitons, the volcano, and our beautiful waterfall.

To help you decide what the best activity is for your group’s preferences and size, here are a couple suggested group tours along with the number of guests required:

• Black Magic Pirate Cruise: 20-guest minimum. We recommend this activity if you have a lot of kids in your group. But, don’t get us wrong, adults will also have a swashbuckling good time touring the island on a black Spanish galleon ship while walking the plank, discovering hidden treasure, and firing the ship’s black-powder cannons.

• Whale and Dolphin Watching: 4-6-guest minimum. For smaller family groups, this is a thrilling excursion that lets you see these majestic creatures in their natural habitats.

Don’t want to be confined to a guest or time limit? Book a private land tour! These can be arrange for groups and gives you the power of dictating the stops and lengths of stay at the mud baths, waterfalls, gardens, and Saint Lucia’s volcano.

Family Group Dining

If you’d all like to dine as a group, we can definitely make that happen. To make sure we can accommodate you all, we recommend that you get in touch with guest services at least a one week before your arrival. The earlier, the better! Family groups have several private dining options, including dinner at La Luna and a private beach bonfire. Your choice!

Remember, the secret to getting in all the group activities and dining that you want is to call us early. We’ll be sure to make it happen so you have the best family vacation yet.



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