It’s All About Location When You Go on Vacation
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Location is a critical part of planning any vacation. Many visitors want to make sure their hotel is located near all the best sites and attractions. Guests at Coconut Bay can leave their worries behind and rest assured knowing that they’re staying in the best possible location for their tropical vacation.

Arrive at Coconut Bay After a Five-Minute Drive from the Airport

Travel is exhausting. After you’ve fought through security, sat in cramped chairs on the plane, and fished around for your passport at customs, the last thing you want is to drive across the island. Fortunately, you don’t have to when you stay at Coconut Bay.

Coconut Bay is located just five minutes from the airport, which means you’re a quick complimentary transfer away from relaxing on the beach. Because there are no major highways on Saint Lucia, visitors staying on the North end of the island have to drive more than an hour through small mountain roads. While your fellow travelers are winding slowly through the hills to their hotels, you will already be winding down our lazy river and enjoying your afternoon.

The Best Attractions Are Found on the Southern Part of the Island

Even if you brave car sickness and steep mountains to stay on the North end of the island, you’re likely to return several times to the Southern side where all the best attractions are. The Southern end has nightlife, shopping, and several of the best vistas for hiking and touring. Many of the tours offered by Coconut Bay stay close to the Southern Side because that’s where the excitement of the island is. You can go to the North, but the party is on the South.

There’s Plenty of Space to Stretch Out

Have you ever been on vacation and felt like you were crowded the whole time? You couldn’t find space for your family or felt blocked in by other resorts next door? At Coconut Bay, we know that not being able to find a beach or pool chair because they are crammed close together is very frustrating, which is why we built our resort on 85 acres and nearly a mile of beach. Even at full capacity, we strive to make sure Coconut Bay doesn’t feel crowded so you can get a break from the bustle of people back home.

Most guests know within minutes of arriving whether they’re in for a relaxing trip or stressed vacation. Our focus on the location of Coconut Bay proves that we have thought of every detail in order to make your visit as comfortable as possible.



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