Whoever Says You Can’t Stay Fit While on Vacation Hasn’t Met Coconut Bay’s Vernon
by / Wednesday, 14 September 2016 / Published in Activities, General

Coconut Bay has some of the best food in Saint Lucia, and guests often spend their days resting by the pool while enjoying the taste of the island — after all, no one wants to diet when they’re on vacation. Fortunately, the team at Coconut Bay is here to help, and guests can stay fit thanks to Vernon.

Find the Right Classes and Exercises for You

Vernon is in charge of all the recreational activities at Coconut Bay. Let him know your interests and experience level, and he can point you in the direction of our exercise classes. Greet the day with yoga where you can improve your balance in the best way possible, or challenge yourself with some water aerobics.

If you’re not a fan of group classes, visit the Coconut Bay fitness center for your daily cardio and weight training. You can also ask Vernon about personal training sessions for some one-on-one coaching to improve your workout routine.

Challenge Yourself with Some Friendly Competition

Along with physical fitness, Coconut Bay’s recreational activities are a great way to relax and meet new people, Sign up for a pool or beach volleyball game, or hit the basketball and tennis courts for games against one or two people.

Our 25,000 square foot paintball course is the first of its kind on Saint Lucia, and a popular draw for adults and children. Games are booked in 30-minute increments and guests can get their workout running and ducking behind the barriers.

The Best Workout is Beach Workout

If you ask Vernon about his favorite way to stay fit, he’ll point you toward the ocean. Tone your arms while kitesurfing, kayaking, or paddle boarding in the crystal clear water and then tread water as you dive into the waves and snorkel past tropical fish. The ocean is the largest gym in the world, and one of the most exciting ways to work out.

There’s a reason guests hail Vernon as an amazing and inspirational fitness instructor. He makes working out fun and convinces you to hit the beach — even if you’re on your honeymoon. You’re sure to experience non-stop water activities at Coconut Bay.

By the end of your day at Saint Lucia, you will need to enjoy a wonderful Caribbean feast to dinner to eat back all of the calories that you burned off in the sun and the surf. After all, you need to build up your energy for tomorrow!



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