Family Bonding Activities at Coconut Bay
by / Tuesday, 07 March 2017 / Published in Activities, General

Day-to-day life at home can be so hectic that you might feel like you barely see your kids, let alone have quality time with them. They get home from school, do homework, go to lessons, go to practice, do their chores, go to bed, and then do it all over again. You get home from work, scramble to get them where they need to be, throw together dinner, put them to bed, and repeat!

Life can move way too fast that way. But things move at an easier pace here in St. Lucia. At Coconut Bay, we offer families fun opportunities to slow down, reconnect, and just enjoy one another’s company again. If you’re looking for some quality bonding time with your family, here are just a few of the activities we recommend when you visit.

Splash Waterpark

Kids and kids at heart are equally welcome at our incredible Splash waterpark, St. Lucia’s largest waterpark! You and the family can have a blast floating around the lazy river together, zooming down the many waterslides, or horse around in the large activity pool. If you have toddlers in your family, they’re welcome at the waterpark too. We have a special water playground located inside the KidzKlub for tots that includes fountains, water canons, and spilling buckets. It is open daily with a schedule of activities for kids 0-12.

Paintball War

At our Splash resort, we have a 25,000-square-foot paintball course called “The Zone.” The Zone is the first facility of its kind in the Caribbean. If you have older kids, a family paintball war is an excellent way to get them engaged in some family time and friendly competition. The Zone welcomes all guests 13 and over to try to capture the flag of the other team as they dodge paintballs all over the course. You can do parents vs. kids, boys vs. girls, or your family vs. another!

Rainforest Zip Line Tour

Imagine flying through the trees of the St. Lucian rainforest as a family on one of our famous zip line tours. You’ll see the rain forest as the bird’s see it, snapping photos and videos of your breathtaking aerial views for the folks back home. The zip line tour is offered at 9 AM, six days a week for guests age 6 and over.

Take Them on a Pirate Sea Cruise

Take your kids age two and up on our sea cruise aboard the Black Magic Spanish Galleon Ship. You can all take turns firing the black powder canons, walking the plank, and swimming from the yardarms. It’s the perfect mix of adventure and sight-seeing, as the cruise includes unforgettable views of the Pitons.

Whether your family is young or old, Coconut Bay has the perfect opportunities to cement the bond between you. Slow life down a bit and come have some fun!



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