What You Didn’t Know About Destination Weddings
by / Sunday, 19 April 2015 / Published in Weddings

Once upon a time, traveling far away from home to get married was called “eloping.” We’ve come a long way since then, and the term we use nowadays is “destination wedding.” Nothing against traditional nuptials, but for a lot of couples, weddings at a local church packed with extended relatives are more stressful than blissful. We’ve all seen bubbly brides-to-be morph into bellicose bridezillas consumed by wedding logistics. Who needs the hassle? A destination wedding is an ideal alternative. You get a gorgeous backdrop, a built-in vacation, and much less stress.

All the Bliss, None of the Stress

You might think that a destination wedding would involve more detail and planning than a hometown ceremony. Actually, destination weddings are often easier to plan for several reasons. First, most wedding-ready resorts, including Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa, employ wedding coordinators whose services come with your wedding package. Your coordinator will take care of the officiant, photographer, cake, etc. and handle any paperwork required by your destination country.

Another plus to destination weddings is that you spare yourself a lot of unnecessary expense and hassle. For one, you automatically have a valid reason to limit the guest list. Hometown weddings set you up for unwieldy guest lists to avoid offending people like your second cousin Eddie or the lonely cat lady from work. A wedding abroad is the perfect excuse to keep your guest list limited to those nearest and dearest.

Finally, who needs expensive decorations when 360-degree tropical vistas adorn your ceremony? No need for papier-mâché bells and an outrageous amount of confetti when your guests can simply admire the ocean views and pristine white sands.

Start Your Happily Ever After in a Caribbean Paradise

Coconut Bay Beach Resort can help you plan a wedding that will stay with you, your beloved, and your guests forever. Coconut Bay offers not one but five all-inclusive wedding packages from which you can choose the beginning of your happy ending. Newlywed couples can also choose among three honeymoon packages filled with romance, adventure, and relaxation. Finally, for couples who want to keep the flame burning long after the ceremony, we offer two vow-renewal packages.

With a destination wedding, you get to make the most important promise you’ll ever make in a special location worthy of the event. With less stress, stunning wedding photos and heart-warming memories that will last for a lifetime, a destination wedding at Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa is the perfect way to start the next chapter of your love story.



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