There’s No Better Time Than the Present for Kitesurfing
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There’s No Better Time Than the Present for Kitesurfing

There’s something exciting happening at Coconut Bay. Beyond the relaxing spa and the high-energy paintball course, kitesurfers dot the horizon as they ride waves with colorful kites and boards. They jump into the air, complete flips, and turn tricks that awe the crowd. It’s kitesurfing season on Saint Lucia, and our guests can’t wait to take part in this exciting sport.

What Is Kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a thrilling sport where people hold on to a large, steerable kite and use it to ride along the waves on a board – not unlike a snowboard. The kite makes it different from traditional surfing (where you just have the board) and windsurfing where you hold on directly to the sail.

Kitesurfing allows people to fly into the air when the wind pulls them up, giving them space to turn tricks and complete flips and jumps. By holding on to the kite with both arms, you can see where it takes you, or navigate exactly where you want to go.

Why Is Kitesurfing Seasonal?

Even the best kitesurfers find themselves stuck on the beach without one crucial element: wind. During the late summer and fall in Saint Lucia, winds are typically lighter, averaging 14 to 16 knots, limiting the bigger gusts that surfers need.

However, during the months of December through July, consistent trade winds allow for excellent conditions for this sport. Not only does the wind make it easier for the kite to catch air, but it also makes the ocean conditions ideal for soaring and surfing.

How Can You Learn to Kitesurf?

The smartest way to start kitesurfing is with lessons. Coconut Bay provides professional IKO Certified instructors to support any skill level. Our friendly instructors will work with you until you’re comfortable navigating the kite and feel ready to hit the waves on your own. We also offer a free kitesurfing teaser lesson on land so you can see if the sport is right for you.

If you’re unsure whether you can handle kitesurfing, stop by our Surf Shack and spend some time with our instructors. Even beginning kitesurfers can learn within a few days, and we typically recommend having at least 10 hours of instruction before you start on your own.

Make a Kitesurfing Reservation Today

Make a reservation for kitesurfing lessons with our adventure desk upon arrival or email our watersports staff prior to your stay. We can’t wait to see you riding the waves at Coconut Bay!



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