Cocoland Turtle Watch

From March to November Saint Lucia’s beaches are nesting grounds for three species of endangered sea turtles: the mighty Leatherback, the colorful Hawksbill, and the grass-eating Green sea turtle.

As part of the CocoLand Kidz Klub SCOUTS program, children learn to identify different species of sea turtles and participate in sea turtle-themed games, arts, and crafts. During the nesting season, sea turtle watching includes beach walks, nest identification and protection, and the thrill of seeing hatchlings begin their journey of survival. These awareness efforts teach our young guests about how they can protect the nesting sea turtles and hatchlings that call Coconut Bay’s beach home.

We invite our guests of all ages to learn about these extraordinary endangered reptiles, understand what can be done to save them, and see the wonder of baby hatchlings emerging from their nests and making their way into the ocean.

In addition to guest education, during nesting season resort staff monitors the mile stretch of resort beach marking nests for safety, supervising hatchling releases, and reporting statistics to island conservationists.

Conservation efforts are coordinated with the Saint Lucia Department of Fisheries which is the Government authority responsible for Fisheries and marine wildlife management in Saint Lucia.