Traveling from a Mom’s Perspective
by / Thursday, 07 April 2016 / Published in Activities, General

As a mom, there are two things I look for in my vacation: entertainment for the kids and opportunities for me to have fun too. Coconut Bay Resort and Spa provides both of these! Every day’s an adventure when there’s so much to explore!

Adventure Awaits Ye Who Venture Here!

The kids always want to start out in CocoLand, where we zip down water slides and float along the lazy river. We can spend hours in the zero-entry family pool, playing under the waterfalls and enjoying the foot massagers. When the kids don’t think we’re “cool enough” to hang out with anymore, they head to the Kidz Klub. Away from the adults, kids can test their bravery on a mini-zipline, sail the seven seas on a pirate ship, and play on a kids-only water playground.

While the children love the KidzKlub because they get to have fun away from mom all day, I love it because I know they’re in good hands. Each kid gets a CocoPack with a t-shirt, hat, and water bottle, and I’m given a local cellphone so I can reach the counselors, and they can reach me, at any time. The best part is that each day has a different educational activity, so the kids get to learn about the ocean and the culture outside of the classroom.

And that’s not all! A couple of nights per week the KidzKlub will host a fun camp and movie night on the lawn. Mascots Coco and Loco kick-off these special evenings with an appearance in the lobby. This is the perfect time for moms and dads who want to dine alone and enjoy a romantic evening.

By the way, the KidzKlub also has a special area for babies and toddlers. For younger kids, there’s an air conditioned napping area so you won’t pick up a cranky camper.

Adults Can Have Fun, Too

While the kids are off at CocoLand, I’m having an adventure, too. We love spending the afternoon at the Caribbean’s first paintball course. I get to feel like a kid ducking behind barriers and charging at opponents — they don’t stand a chance!

Of course, there’s no shortage of adult activities to get the blood pumping on your trip. We can play volleyball, take dance classes, go snorkeling, and even learn how to use a stand-up paddleboard. Most of these activities are led by an instructor, so it doesn’t matter that I’ve never taken a Pilates class or used a yoga matt before. By the end of the session, my sun salutations could rival any of my other resort-goers!

Adventure is Good, Rest is Better

While pirate ships and paintball are fun, I really wanted to go to Coconut Bay to relax. The Harmony track is an adults-only oasis with one focus: retreating from the chaos of the world and resting in tropical bliss.

I spent an afternoon at Kei Mer Spa enjoying their saunas and outdoor cabanas. It was almost impossible to choose from their menu of treatments which include everything from facials to pedicures and more. Even outside the spa, Coconut Bay embodies tranquility. With two adults-only Oasis pools, we relaxed without a care in the world — or any risk of getting splashed by stray cannonballs!

The best part of spending the day away from the kids is coming together at night to share how much fun we had. They have countless stories and experiences to tell us, and we have a few epic adventures of our own. Seeing their eyes light up when we ask what they want to do tomorrow makes the whole trip worth it.



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