The Superhero Staff Everyone Loves at Coconut Bay
by / Thursday, 25 August 2016 / Published in General

Most resorts have employees. Here at Coconut Bay, we have superheroes. Our fun-loving staff will go to any lengths to make our guests feel welcome and their stays unforgettable. The people of Saint Lucia are world-renowned for their hospitality, but our team takes it to a whole new level. We always try to make sure our resident supermen and women get the recognition they deserve, so we posed a question to our friends and fans on Facebook: “Who’s your favorite Coconut Bay staff member?” Here’s what they had to say in response.

Dillon the Delightful

Our former — and future — guest Keith Puleo had great things to say about Dillon, our lively bartender at Coconut Bay’s main bar. Keith said there was “no doubt” in his mind that Dillon was his favorite, thanking Dillon for making his time with us “so special.”

So what is it about Dillon that makes him one of superheroes? That’s a no-brainer, according to Keith: “His love of life, his laughter, and his want to make the guest happy!” Keith added that Dillon made them smile from the moment that they met him. The Puleos tell Dillon that they will see him again soon in 2017!

Tanner the Tremendous

Dillon has a little competition at our main bar in the superhero arena — Tanner, his equally charming coworker and bartender. Jennifer Diaz raved about Tanner for always being “on point” with refills and great service. Jen calls Tanner “so kind and friendly” and can’t wait to return to see him and Dillon again. Last time she visited, she even made a special trip to the main bar to say goodbye to Dillon and Tanner, who saw her off with a very special farewell drink!

Jonelle the Joy-Bringer

Cynthia Rodriguez didn’t have to think twice about who her favorite Coconut Bay superhero was: our one-in-a-million server, Jonelle. Cynthia celebrated her birthday at the resort with dinner on the water. Thanks to the setting and Jonelle’s spectacular service, Cynthia calls that dinner “one of the best experiences ever.” Cynthia thanks Jonelle for treating her and her guests “like royalty” and sends her lots of X’s and O’s!

Reading about our staff of superheroes isn’t nearly as exciting as experiencing them in person. So come put some faces with these incredible names and stories by booking your stay with us.



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