Preparing for Your Saint Lucia Vacation — What to Know and Do Before You Go
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Preparing for a trip to Saint Lucia is incredibly easy, especially when you’re visiting Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa. The resort provides all-inclusive, stress-free Caribbean vacations with all the amenities (and loads of activities) on site, with a wide variety of expert-guided excursions by land and sea available. A Coconut Bay vacation offers the ultimate relaxing yet energizing, amazing and memory-making tropical island experience. To get ready for your upcoming island vacation getaway, here’s an outline of what to bring and things to know before you go:

Wardrobe and Gear

  • Bring your favorite beach wear to help you make the most of Coconut Bay’s mile of sandy beach – and beyond.
  • Active wear is also important for Coconut Bay excursions including hiking, nature walking, swimming, zip lining, snorkeling, kite surfing and more. (Don’t worry about packing serious snorkeling gear or other sports equipment when preparing for a trip to Saint Lucia; it’s available with your chosen excursions or lessons.)
  • Gentle rain may fall at mid-day, keeping the island lush and green. This is when many island-goers opt for a nap or some pampering at the renowned beachfront Kai Mer Spa.


  • Coconut Bay’s all-inclusive vacations mean you don’t need money for transportation to and from Saint Lucia’s airport or tips at the resort. You won’t need money for resort meals and most on-site fun, either. Having some cash on hand for extras or souvenirs on town trips is wise, however. Small markets may not accept credit cards, and overseas credit charges can be high.
  • The local currency is the East Caribbean (EC$) Dollar. U.S. currency is accepted nearly everywhere.
  • If in doubt, call the resort before your trip for the most current information and advice.


Consult the CDC website for a wealth of tips, including:

  • Make sure vaccines are up to date before your trip; consult your physician.
  • Bring mosquito repellent.
  • Talk to your doctor about bringing prescription or over-the-counter drugs.
  • Eat and drink only well-cooked hot foods, pasteurized dairy products and personally washed produce. Avoid street food, under-cooked eggs and under-cooked meat.
  • Avoid tap or well water and ice made from them.
  • Keep away from animals and follow guide’s instructions on hikes.
  • Do not use non-sterile medical or cosmetic equipment.


The resort offers a gift shop and shopping excursions to nearby towns. In town, you’ll find:

  • Artisan crafts and artistic creations, including locally homemade brooms, woodcarvings, leather crafts, paintings and pottery.
  • Traditional coal pots used for cooking.
  • Madras wear: If fashion is your thing, traditional Caribbean Creole feast day dress includes bright, sunny, plaid madras fabric (Saint Lucia’s national dress) and headpieces/hairpieces.
  • Fabric for the home: You can also purchase madras bed linens or table coverings to remember your stay or gift to friends back home.
  • Local rum, spices and hot sauce are also wonderful Saint Lucia mementos of your visit.
  • And much more.

Please contact the resort before your trip for the most specific and current information. Remember – you’re in good hands with Coconut Bay staff! If you forget something, the friendly, welcoming team at Coconut Bay will do their best to accommodate you.

Need more information about your upcoming vacation to Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa? Contact us with any questions. Haven’t booked yet? The best time is right now! Call us today.



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