2016 Bucket List for Families Traveling with Kids
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The only thing better than crossing off items from your bucket list is doing it with the entire family. But there is still one thing even better — doing that in a tropical paradise. The Caribbean is full of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that are the stuff bucket lists are made of. And you might be surprised how many of those bucket-list experiences are also family-friendly. Here are a few of the St. Lucian experiences you and the kids will have a blast knocking off the family bucket list.


Take a Leisurely Drive through a Volcano

Seeing a volcano is, by itself, a pretty memorable event. Now just imagine driving through one! St. Lucia is home to the world’s only “drive-through” volcano, Soufriere Volcano. Known to the locals as Sulphur Springs, the drive-through volcano has a road that runs right through its crater. You and your family will be able to see the volcano emitting sulfur and steam, with bubbling water and boiling mud just a stone’s throw away from the road.


Zip through a Line on Your Bucket List

If zip lining through a rain forest isn’t a bucket-list-worthy item, we don’t know what is! Coconut Bay offers two zip line adventure options for your family to choose from. Near the town of Dennery, you can experience our rain forest zip line tour on 11 different zip cables. You can fly through the forest at mountain heights to see everything from a bird’s-eye perspective.

The other option is our Piton zip line tour, located about 20 minutes away in Soufriere. The Hotwire has eight zip cables that will send you sailing over a working plantation, a bamboo-shaded gorge, and a canopy of trees. This zip line also offers some of the best views of the Pitons on the island.


Play in the Mud

Your kids have probably already experienced a good romp in the mud at some point in their lives, much to your chagrin, we’re guessing! But even parents will want to get in on this extra-special mud bath. At the base of Sulphur Springs — the same location as the drive-in volcano —there is a hot mineral pool where visitors can take a soothing mud bath. According to the locals, the mud has healing properties that will relax and restore you. For the kids, though, it’s just plain fun.

After these bucket-list-worthy activities, you’re sure to leave St. Lucia with cherished family memories. And, as an added benefit, you’ll have a shorter bucket list!

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