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Take Flight Wingfoiling

Join the fans of this fast-growing watersport with thrilling experiences along the shores of Coconut Bay. This exciting sport takes you gliding effortlessly above the water with a hydrofoil board and handheld wing. With our protected reef, steady on-shore winds, and skilled instructors, we’re an ideal haven for enthusiasts of all levels – from beginners seeking balance to advanced riders mastering intricate maneuvers.

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Ideal Wind Sport Conditions

Coconut Bay shines as a world-class winging and kitesurfing destination from November to July, with consistent onshore winds ranging from 15-25 knots—strongest in the traditional winter months. Experience easy riding in our protected bay inside the reef or challenge yourself outside the reef, perfect for seasoned riders tackling the Atlantic swell.

Unforgettable Moments Beyond the Wind

At Coconut Bay we offer a Premium All-Inclusive experience that goes beyond the wind and waves. Choose from family-friendly and adults-only accommodation plus enjoy diverse dining including fresh fruits, vegetables and fish sourced from local farms and the sea serving eight restaurants (including oceanside and poolside) complimented by top-shelf liquor offered in seven bars including swim-up and beachfront.

When you step away from wind-powered adventures, Coconut Bay has a full schedule of daily activities to make your stay memorable. During the day snorkel the protective reef, explore the coastline on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard or engage in friendly competition with a game of pickleball, tennis, or volleyball. For something a little more relaxing, simply unwind with oceanfront yoga or a visit to our Sanctuary spa.

Discover the freedom of carving through the waves and soaring above the water’s surface with our IKO certified Surf Shack instructors. Lessons, including gear for all skill levels, are available for guests aged 16 and over. If you’re an advanced rider, rental equipment is also at your fingertips. For those who prefer to bring their own gear, storage rental is available, ensuring your equipment is secure when you’re not on the water.

Seize the Breeze and Book Your Kitesurfing & Wingfoiling Escape Now!

Make the most of your stay with us and take your kitesurfing and wingfoiling skills to new heights. Our experienced instructors and top-notch equipment will guide you, whether you’re a seasoned rider eager to push your limits or a curious beginner ready for an exciting journey. Please note that supplemental fees apply for lessons, equipment rental, and storage, and these services are not included in the resort’s all-inclusive packages. To explore our comprehensive range of packages and secure your spot in the waves, visit our Rates page then come experience the ultimate blend of exhilarating water sports and the warm hospitality of Saint Lucia at Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa.