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Kitesurfing at Coconut Bay

Coconut Bay offers the ideal setting for water sports. If you’re a beginner at kitesurfing, our calm lagoons are the perfect spots to get started. For more advanced water sports enthusiasts, you’ll find a robust line of waves about 300 meters from shore. Visit our exclusive waters sports complex, Surf Shack, for lessons and rental gear so you can catch the wind on our gorgeous waters.

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Beautiful Waters for All Levels

If you’re still perfecting your kiting, you can hit our lagoon with flat, shallow water and steady winds. Our side onshore winds are ideal, as they don’t pull you out to sea, giving you plenty of time for trial and error as you work on your edge.

Challenging Options

The conditions at Coconut Bay are ideal for advanced water sports enthusiasts. About 300 meters out from the shore, you’ll find a clean line of waves with consistent winds. Our tradewinds offer plenty of force to keep you moving.

The winds around Saint Lucia can blow all day so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to send the kite and master tricks like front rolls, back rolls, kiteloops, and more. You’ll get big air here with 20 to 25 knot winds.

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Something for Everyone

Coconut Bay is an inclusive family-friendly resort which means there’s something for everyone. You’ll find that you’re free to indulge in hours of kiting along the water and manipulating your kite in new ways. While you’re kitesurfing, the rest of the family can relax by the pools, play in the waterpark, or unwind at the spa. You don’t have to worry about anyone waiting around because there’s lots to do while you’re kitesurfing to your heart’s content.

For a gorgeous destination where the wind is always blowing, you can’t do better than Coconut Bay. You’ll find the waters perfect for advancing your skills and hitting the power zone like you’ve never done before.

Get Your Feet Wet

Resort guests over eight years old receive a complimentary introductory kitesurfing “taster,” which includes flying a trainer kite on the beach. Guests over the age of 16 have the option of taking lessons with a Certified Instructor.

Surf and Stay

Book Coconut Bay’s Surf and Stay packages and enjoy all-inclusive amenities plus hours of complete lessons during the course of your stay. Packages and pricing varies. Call for details.


Coconut Bay’s Surf Shack has Kitesurfing gear available for rental by the hour, day or multiple days.

When to Come

Kitesurfing in Saint Lucia is a seasonal sport with the best months for kitesurfing being November through July. The average wind speed is between 18 and 20 knots in the winter and 14 and 16 knots during off-peak season. Prior to your arrival feel free to Check the wind meter as to the current conditions.

Make a Reservation

Guests can make kitesurfing reservations* over the phone or at the Adventure Saint Lucia Desk located in Coconut Bay’s lobby.
*We suggest making a reservation before you arrive as space is limited

Lessons / Safety

Since safety is the first priority at Coconut Bay, the staff will personally evaluate your level of comfort on the water and ability to use the equipment to customize your course.
Has it been a while since your last water sports experience? Our coaching staff will be happy to accommodate any skill level and bring you up to speed, so you can be confident while on the water. Kiting is great for the whole family, and even beginners can learn over the course of five days. After the complimentary “taster” course, each student usually needs about 10 hours of lessons to become confident on the board.

At the completion of the course, you will receive an International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certification card. Check packages and rates here


Our completely revamped water sports center is equipped with top quality kitesurf equipment which will allow guests to learn and improve their skill level in complete safety and comfort.