Cocoland Coco Corral

Kids of every age can meet all kinds of animals at the Coco Corral! Pay a visit to the Corral and spend some quality time with our friendly goats, ducks, sheep, donkeys and horses. Most of our animals are rescues and all of them are local, which means each animal encounter is an authentic Saint Lucia experience.

Opened in June 2014, the Coco Corral is the first of its kind in the island’s hospitality industry. The Corral employs a caretaker to ensure the safety of our guests and it contains stations with animal feed dispensers so guests can enjoy feeding their new animal friends.

Admission to the fenced-in Animal Sanctuary is free for all resort guests seven days of the week. Registered Kidz Klub kids also will be able to visit with the animals daily, as dictated by the Kidz Klub schedule of activities.